Jatoba, Maple, Walnut, Padauk, & Purpleheart (large) – Edge Grain


15in x 9.5in x 1.5in. Handmade, carefully crafted quality edge grain butcher block cutting board. Made from Curly Maple, Black Walnut, African Padauk, Jatoba and Brazilian Purpleheart.



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Length: 15in x Width: 9.5in x Thickness: 1.5in

Perfect for gifting. This board boasts an extremely smooth finish and comes pre oiled for your immediate use.

Made from the following all natural domestic and exotic woods:

Curly Maple is Maple wood with a unique wavy or curly pattern in the grain. The ripples in the grain pattern create a three-dimensional effect that looks like the wood has curled along the length of the board.

Black walnut timber is very highly prized for its straight, dark, heavy, strong, fine-grained heartwood, which is used to make fine furniture, valuable gunstocks, flooring and oars. Because the species is now relatively rare in the wild, the timber is currently used for veneer as well.

Padauk is an exotic wood that is a bright orange or almost crimson wood when freshly cut, but oxidizes to a darker, rich purple brown over time – although it stays redder than Indian Rosewood. Slightly harder and heavier than Indian Rosewood it is a good wood in all respects – stable, and easy to work with. It often grows in small groups and is reported to be common in dense equatorial rain forests.

Purpleheart is an incredibly strong and durable type of wood, originating from the Peltogyne genus of 23 species of large trees that can be found growing natively on the territory between Mexico and Brazil. It is best known for its amazing grain pattern and a unique color that can rarely be found in other wood types.

Jatoba heartwood (Brazilian Cherry) is salmon red to orange-brown marked with dark brown streaks. It has a golden luster. Grain is usually interlocked with a medium to coarse texture.